Orange Blossom Dollies



-Created with Care-

After my husband and I got married we moved to the beautiful city of Redlands. The large trees lining the winding streets and the sweet smell of orange blossoms in the air quickly drew us in and made us feel right at home. We're raising our three children here and we've enjoyed many long walks and evenings out as a family in a quaint little town with so much rich history.

One of my fondest memories was receiving a handmade dolly from my grandmother every Christmas that she made especially for me. This sweet childhood memory has blossomed into a wonderful little business that I get to share with my daughter. We are enjoying creating and crafting these Orange Blossom Dollies together and look forward to how it will continue to grow. Every stitch is done with love and every item created with care with the hopes of bringing a sweet and personal dolly for you or your loved one to enjoy! Here's to the memories to come from a small piece of my home to yours...


For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also...
— Matthew 6:21